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Kid PoleCat Evaporators

PoleCat Evaporators

The Kid PoleCat Evaporator is designed to simply and reliably evaporate your waste water. Kid PoleCats atomize water through 16 nozzles and efficiently throw water spray of 100 feet. The machine operates best at an optimum operating pressure between 80 and 120 psi. An optional water filter is available to help with pre-filtering.

Super PoleCats

The SMI Kid PoleCat has the following features and benefits:


The SMI Kid PoleCat Evaporator is designed to move easily around your site, allowing operators to quickly reposition the unit to take advantage of changing wind direction and speed.


The high air velocity from our unique fan and barrel design combines with optimized water droplets to accelerate evaporation. Annual evaporation rates up to 75% have been achieved, with averages typically between 20-to-65%. Actual rates depend on many factors, including ambient temperature, relative humidity, water make-up and wind.


The Kid PoleCat is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. The fan motor has been developed for long life in wet conditions and the pre-lubricated sealed bearings eliminate the need for weekly or monthly lubricating.


This evaporator design has evolved from 15 years of experience in industrial and extreme outdoor applications. Critical components are manufactured from stainless steel for extended life in harsh environments.


Models are available for use in highly corrosive or caustic environments. We can substitute different materials of construction and coatings to match the environment you are experiencing at your site. In addition, we have chemical duty or explosion resistant motor options.

Download the Kid PoleCat Evaporator Technical Data Sheet