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SMI Company Highlights

We specialize in water fracturing and fan atomization evaporators featuring the 420 Evaporator family and the PoleCat Evaporator family of products. SMI designs, plans, engineers and installs all aspects of water management including equipment, automation and computerization. Our industrial evaporation systems have been in use by satisfied customers around the world.

SMI Evaporative Solutions provides high quality, energy efficient water management products and services to a variety of industries including:


Minimizing water produced from gold, coal and other mining operations at tailing ponds or leach piles.

Oil and gas (including coal bed methane):

Reducing well produced water or process water, economically and environmentally friendly.

Power plants:

Ash, blow down or hot water ponds.

Community waste water treatment:

Reducing land applied rates by evaporating water before application or grey water output streams.

Food processing:

Removing excess water from food processing.

Animal waste treatment:

Concentrating solids for more efficient treatment or minimizing waste volumes so current facility capacity can be used.


Lumber mills, runoff water, alcohol production water, landfill leachate.

Many times, our equipment is used to expand the capacity (and extend the life) of current water treatment facilities. Other times, new facilities are designed to maximize the accelerated evaporation rates achieved using our systems.